What is Freelancing

What is Freelancing

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What is Freelancing

In this article we have to learn about the freelancing basically we know about the word is “freelancing”.

Generally people are confident that they understand the freelancing but they don’t.

But you don’t worry about that when you read the complete article you will be able to understand the complete details of freelancing or Pros and Cons of freelancing.

The definition of freelancer is to be a self-worker or a self-employ or even an independent person to work easily by using their skills.

  • There are major four types of freelancing is as follow.
  • Fiver
  • Up-works
  • com
  • Guru

ü     Introduction:-

Freelancing is defined as a doing particular work or offering services for different organizations or plan rather than working all the time for a single organization.

A person who offer services, often working on several projects for multiple clients at one time. Now most people understand a freelancing similar to a full time job whenever I searched for freelancing online I always seen the working with freelancer or make money by freelancing job from home work.

But it think about it freelancing is really a business

  • Let me tell you why?

Business is the practice of making once living in E-commerce. So basically you offering services for products in exchange for money in exchange for the value that you provide as freelancer you offer your services to your clients in exchange for money the value that you provide to their business to their organization.

When you thing about freelancing as a job comparable to a full time job you committed to a single client or an employer that’s why happened to me when I first started I got my first freelancing job on my first online job and I committed to that one client that one business and happened was 6 month later when the client decided to go on a different direction I was left with no income because I was reeling on one employer or one client so I had to scramble an look for other online job and this is what happened to the most freelancers.

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ü     Freelancing is labeled as unstable:-

What is Freelancing

when I come to realize as a freelancer in my freelancing career is that freelancing is that itself is unstable it’s the freelancer who is unstable you see when you look at freelancing as a job you commit yourself as an single employer and when that employer decide to fire you or goes in different direction you left without a job that exactly what have been to me but when I look freelancing as a business that’s a totally different mindset not my employ mindset because you think about business you always looking about new clients you are just to try a one single client or a one employer so the idea of freelancing this is a business where you work on in your terms you choose how  many hour you worked on your business or even how many hour you spend on you are work in a week or in a month and you choose which clients you want to work with you are not tied to the amount of you earn this you work on a project.

  • But the question is how wants to work as a freelancer?

The answer is whenever you are a student a job holder or even you are a house wife if you have skills inside, you have passion inside or even if you don’t have skill, and you can learn skills so you can also work part time or even full time sitting at home and as a freelancer, you can generate good money.

It doesn’t require you to set up an office or go to the office just if you have a seating area a desk, a chair, you have a laptop or computer and you have internet so you can start this work, and believe me if you are hardworking, you have passion to work.

v     Skills you refer to any social media marketing:-

Skills refer to any skill you have, such as a photo editing, video editing, writing skills, and social media marketing or even if you are an expert in anything, if you are a professional in any skills, you can sell your skills online.

For example, if the water tap in your house is broken, you call a plumber in your house the plumber comes in, and fixes the faucet and leaves. He take his money in return he is also a freelancer, because he is provide you to his services by offline so this act called the offline freelancing just like that the online freelancing works.

When he wants to leave from work he will go because he is not be obeyed your instructions. Weather he wants to work for you or not is up to him.

v    Which way you provide your skills to other:-

If you have a skill, you have to provide your online services in return you get money. You can do this anywhere in the world just don’t give up, you have to work hard for six months or a year and learn the job well. Your future will also be bright people are generating a lot of money inn freelancing one thing to keep in mind, if you want to be a successful freelancer you must have a good English and good communication skills.

v     Now we have to learn about the platforms of freelancing:-

ü     Fiver:-

What is Freelancing

In fiver first of all you have to make an account for a fiver work which is free of cost just like that your face-book account or your other social media account. After that you have to added a gigs (Basically gigs is just like that your skills detailed or your own advertisement for a viewers or a clients they seen your gigs and contact to you to make a something for his/her by the sake of money that your 1st freelancing work on internet).

But I have advice you to add your complete video as a gig on it in this video you tell about you skills in detailed whenever you have a certified from a education institute or you have to make a video graphy, photo editing writing skills or other social media maintenance even you sell your SEO skills on it to grow the website DA or PA OR everything you have to do it for anyone or make money online.


ü     Up-works:-

Up-work is the most rated websites all over the world by their work to recommend the work to employs or client or any freelancer have to come their add or everything they show to you for their advertisement you will be rate you work here after that the recommended party checked your mails here if they agree with your recommended money to them they will order you anything if you have to done this work your freelancer account ranked or high pitch to your account or you make a lot of money to this single website otherwise if the person give a work to you. You must have to complete their order on time if they like your work they will be your permanent customer or more agencies attached to work with you now you earn lot of money more then 1000$ to 10,000$ in each month.

ü     Guru:-

In guru website the most of freelancer work on it as well because they divided traffic to four major websites which we discussed at the top of this article.

Other websites just like fiver they are millions of active user at that time on it so this website is difficult to work for a beginners that why half of digital freelancers work on this website.

So basically this website worked just like that a fiver or similar to work on fiver they people add their gigs in their account such as they write an article, they are web developer, and they make SEO traffic on your website, or so on if anyone interested to your gigs they ordered you to work with him or make money in this way.

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ü     Freelancer.com:-

Freelancer.com is the fourth most useful web for freelancing or digital freelancing as the name shown.

Same work as fiver or a guru websites people upload their gigs in which gigs they tell us about their skills or we have to decided how to work with him where I order him/her or not weather I trust him/her or not so it is most important thing in this business field you will able to a good earner or a healthy communication speaker so you impressed your client even they order you a real work or make sure you will be able to complete on time or  second thing is that your working behavior you satisfy your customer with your work.

ü     Conclusion:-

In this article I have to learn about the basics of freelancing or even a detailed overview In this little bit information I hope you will understand the pros and cons of freelancing so I will very thankful to your or you also visit our website to read more interesting or informative articles! Thank you.

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