http and https?

What is difference between http and https?

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What is difference between http and https?

in this article we have to learn about the http and https so stay tuned with us basically the http is using in the any URL code.

This is the protocols that help us to communicate with webserver by sending it a request.

If the server protocols will not be add then computer will not be able to communicate with web server so the webs sever will not be able send the data from database.

This protocol is important for sending and receiving request from the web servers.

The all websites that are run on these time.

It will host on server without server we will not be able to make websites. There are different agencies and companies that provide a server to host our website on it.

Without hosting we will not be able to upload our website because. The domain and hosting plays very important role to run over website.

What is HTTP and HTTPS?

Http stands for hypertext transfer protocol that helps us to communicate our computer with web servers without http.

we will not run our website because if we will not add http in our website. So the requests are unable to complete.

It will the way of communicate but not with security.

It will not provide us the security the site that have http shown on the left corner the site is not secure because the working of http is only to communicate not give us security.

If we have a website that are used for multiple transactions. And it will be run on http so the hack chances of that website is more than other because the google said us this website is not secure.

Hackers can easily attack on this website because the http server is the vulnerability of a website.

But if we have blogging website so this website is almost secure because the no transaction system is available in this website.

To install http we have a name server of domain that we will buy from go daddy we will add the name server that provided by go daddy paste in our C-Panel so in the 24 hours our website are working properly.

What is IPv4?

IPv4 stands for internet protocol version 4 it is the 32 bit version of internet protocol. We will understand only the domain name but the computer will understand only the IP address of that domain that are in the forms of numbers.

Domain name example ( and the IP address example is (192.240.345.01). The IP address are in the form of decimal system that helps our hosting to recognize our domain name. IPv4 have 4.3 billion possible addresses in almost all computers are supported IPv4 now we will tell you about IPv6.

What is IPv6?

IPv6 stands for internet protocol version 6 that are help our website to work fast. It have 340 undecillion possible addresses that is higher than IPv4. IPv6 supported 128 bits that is higher than IPv4.

It will write in this form (f123:78j8:f677:i09) it contains letters and numbers and it is separated by colon (:). IPv6 is not easy to install in our website we will face more challenges to install IPv6 in our website.

What is SSL?

SSL stands for secure sockets layer. That helps us to secure our website from viruses and hackers. If we install the SSL in our website we will buy the hosting that provide us free SSL certificate.

If we will install this certificate on our website. Then the hackers are not be able to hack our website by installing this certificate the google will show on the left corner our site has been secured.

The installation of the SSL is very easy simply generate the certificate and click on activate.

It will take 2 to 3 hours and install on our website. By installing this SSL we have able to make the secure transactions hackers cannot hack our website.

Because we will use the SSL certificate on our website. SSL certificate are always install on that websites that have https server because the security of that websites are high. Hacker will not easily attacked on our website.

SSL is more important for website. If you have more than one websites you will buy the shared hosting from any hosting websites because these hosting will provide the free unlimited SSL for our websites.

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What is HTTPS or HTTP?

Https is stands for hypertext transfer protocol security. The only between http and https difference is http doesn’t provide security for our website. But in the case of https it will provide the security for our website.

SSL is only connected with this website that have https server. It will communicate the computer with web servers and it will also secure.

If we have an ecommerce website in this website transaction methods are available so it will secure when the https web server will install in this website.

If it doesn’t install in this website hackers will easily hacked our transactions.

For the security of our website we will add the https web server in our website because we will easily install SSL with this web server and the hackers cannot easily attack on this website.

https is more secure than http almost all the people that have own websites it will always install the https web server in his/her website to secure its privacy and transaction that are held in this website.


Conclusion of this article is we will add only the https on our website if we will take our website secured and also use the IPv6 on our website that help us to make the speed fast of our website.

By installing the SSL certificate we will be able to make more secure our website.

Because it will always attach with https server and the https is always also secured. If we install this web server on our website so in the upper right corner we will show that the website is secured.

With the help of https we will securely transact any payment from our website and the hackers will not attack on our website. Https does not do this it will not help us to make our website secure.

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