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Top 6 ways to earn money from YouTube

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Top 6 ways to Earn Money from YouTube

We use there are many ways to earn money for YouTube. But in this video we are discussed top six ways which are most used by people they are already run their channel too earn from youtube.

So let’s start the article we are discussed here the history of YouTube and their most used ways through earn money.

ü     History of YouTube:-


Youtube start in February 14th in the year is 2005 in San Mateo, California, united states.

The CEO of Google at that time which YouTube starts their career is Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, and jawed Karim, three former employs of the America e-commerce company name called PayPal.

Now at that time you read this article the YouTube video platform owned by Google.

It is the second most viewed website after Google searched.

The revenue of the YouTube now at that time is 28.84 billion dollars USD.

ü     First video on youtube:-

The very first video on youtube is released on youtube the title of this video is “Me at the Zoo”.

The video is published on youtube the date is April 23rd in 2005.

ü     Introduction:-

top 6 ways to earn money from youtube,

We are discussed in this article the ways which are important to earn money from youtube. When you start your channel on youtube. But you don’t have to know about how to work on it or how to earn money on youtube. Then you will make sure to read our article that’s the most important ways to earn money from this platform.

So there are top six ways there are show as follow:-

  • Affiliate marketing.
  • freedom.
  • Google Adsense.
  • sponsorship.
  • Live chat.
  • Youtube premier.

So let’s start the more detailed about the articles or you read these details. I make sure you will be able to earn money from online work or video-graphy on youtube.

ü     Affiliate marketing:-

We all knew about that by affiliate marketing. But affiliate marketing on youtube that is the owner of the channel. Which channel you watch the video there are lot of people taken a link in description. The people watch the video or want to buy an item they get the link in description and buy the item.

Or the channel owner makes their commission or even the company takes link in channel description they pay for that for a person who owned the channel.

That’s the way to earn money from online youtube channel it’s very simple and easy. But first of all you have to run your channel properly.

Subscribers are watched your video then they will be purchased their item. That’s why they make money online.

ü     Google Adsense:-

The second way to earn money through youtube is that you added the ad’s in your video by Google.

Or Google pay you by the transformation of ads. I think that’s the most relevant same as you earn through your website on Google.

There are a lot of ad’s added in your video but you will able to decision which you add or not. That’s up to you but generally people added ads in their video because they want to earn money.

You observe many times when you searched video on youtube the ads are showed on video for the duration minimum 5 seconds.

You will be able to skip the ads or click on it when you click on it you will more money then you skip. There is the decided money paid by Google through the channel owner.

Youtube is the world second largest platform which is searched on internet so that’s why work on it is more difficult. But when you start your work on it or even you will much more famous you will be a millionaire just make videos on it.

ü     Sponsor-ship:-

The third or most used tip to earn money through youtube separated your Google earning or Adsense earning.

We already know about the word sponsor-ship is that you will show any item to people. Which they sell or make money but know a days we all know the digital world at that time.

When we have to sell over items or anything which we advertise or sponsor we are show on internet. To grow the market of that item we know that there are 90% of the world populations are used internet now a days. There is an opportunity to grow your market or your business strategy once your item or your gadget is famous you will be able to make lot of money through it.

Basically sponsorship is the same meaning of marketing as well as advertising your item.

For example:-

People on youtube they are sponsor any item in their video when viewers watch the video they impressed with this item. Or they want to buy it that’s a marketing strategy or that’s called business.

That’s the other reason people watch video on channel because they are also want these kinds of items.

The other example is that when a person on youtube they are sponsor the OCTA-FX treading company.

They are tell to viewers pros and cons in it. So people must have to decide to make their money invest in online trading company.

That’s all stuff I want to share with you are all included in the sponsorship or advertising.

ü     Freedom:-

Freedom means independence to wants to go anywhere or anytime that’s your headache. So we are simply said that we are independent to publish on our channel the copyrighted videos on it. We are adding the any of video on it which is copied by other channel.

We are easy to earn money through it or the second type is that in freedom. That we are banned the any of other country for example we are downloaded the video from internet or we are banned the country of India. So we are published the same video on youtube or earn money through it.

That’s the same ways to earn money easily on youtube. Or make sure we are grow our channel for example the subscribers gained by the help of copy righted item.

I know that’s are not legal but the way to earn money through youtube.

ü     Live chat:-

In live chat they people are owned the channel on youtube they are on live stream. When people watched the video or a person on live stream they denote their money to a channel holder or they are making much more money through it.

But this is only when your channel get the monetized you will make the live stream then people donate you.

ü     Youtube premier:-

The youtube premier is that when you add the youtube premier on internet. You will upload the video they people watch only when they have the youtube premier code or a card.

That’s the last way to earn money through youtube which I tell you in this article. So if you want more information about that then visit our website.

ü     Conclusion:-

So in this article we are learning the little bit details about youtube to way of earning. We all know that this world is known on internet or digital world. So make sure you will have to understand the details about it. If you like it then visits our other website then check the more detail about it.

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