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Top 5 best video editing app for android:-

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Top 5 best video editing app for android:-

Video editing software is type of application software that helps us to edit our video. The software that provide by us are helpful for add transitions effects text crop adjustment and many tools for edit our videos.

There are 5 best video editing app for android:-

  1. Kine-master
  2. Fillmore GO
  3. Cap-cut
  4. VN Editor
  • Viva Video


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Kine-master is the type of video editing Software that helps us to edit our videos we will add the different layers in this app. We will add different objects in our videos. We will be able to remove background of our video.

But in free version the logo will show on our video but in the paid version it will provide us different Luts and effects and logo are also removed from the video this is one of the most popular video editing software for android.

In this app we will crop our video and also add any picture and text in our video. This is the best green screen video editing app. Kine-master are also used by pro YouTube person to edit his/her video.

This software is available in free version and also available in paid version. There are many difference between free and paid version. We will export our edit video from this app using high settings of video quality depending on our mobile device.

Fillmore Go:-

Fillmore Go is one of the best video editing software for pc and also for android. This software is available for both devices. In this app we will able to remove background from our video.

And we will also add transitions effects and other things in our video. It is also available in both versions (free and Paid). It will also export the video maximum 4k. We will also add layers on our videos in this app.

Fillmore goes is also available in PC version. That is higher than mobile version. The features that are in that are used by professionals. And we will render our video in this software.

We will also render the speed of our video. People will need minimum 60 frames per second in his/her video and that software will provide us. This software is also used for edit the audio of the video.

In this software we will make our video professional. Almost all youtubers will edit his/her video in this software because that software will provide us high quality video. We will also animate our video in this software.


easy video editing

Cap-cut is one of the best video editing software for tiktokers. Because almost all the tiktokers will use this app for edit his/her video. We will different types of effects in our video with using this app.

The quantity of effects are more than other apps. This app is in free version and all the tools that are required for edit the video are available in this app. That tools are running smoothly in this app.

That are also the best software for mobile I will recommend that to use this app for edit your videos. Because the editing in this app is very easy. We will also export our videos on 60 frame per second that are good.

Cap-cut are used by professional tiktokers and big advantage of that software it will free and no logo are appear on our video that is also good for us. And this is the reason that the download of that app is more than other apps.

Cap-cut is only available on google play store. You can download this software from play store just simply clicks on install and software will install in just 2 to 3 minutes.

VN Editor:-

It is also the best software for edit our videos. This app will mostly use in Pakistan and the people will edit his/her YouTube videos professionally in this app. It will available in free and paid version.

It will also available in PC version And the PC version of that software is better than android version. In mobile version there are some features are missing in this app that is not good so almost all the people will used this software in this PC.

Because in this PC it will give high performance to us. In android version it will perform better but not perfect we will not remove background in this. In PC it will be best green screen video editing software.

We will easily remove background in this software that available in PC


Viva Video:-

Viva video is the software for editing the videos that we are able to edit. This app very easy to use. We will easily edit our videos in this app. The feature that are available in this app are basic.

We will not remove the background of our video in this app. We will not add layers is this app. The basic features that are available in this app are crop adjust effects and text etc. That are very basics.

If you will edit your videos first time we will recommend this app but if you are professional we will recommend that to use first four video editing software.

Because in this app you will not be able to edit your videos professionally. And the quality of video that will edit in this app that are very low if the quality are low people are distract from this video and that is no our goal.


Conclusion of that article is the we will provided the 5 best apps for editing your videos but the top 3 are best for edit our videos professionally and the last two apps are basics editing apps.

If we will edit our video first time then we will use the last two software for editing our videos.

But the quality of that videos are not be good because the people need the good quality we will recommend that to use the first four software.

That are available in free and also in paid version and we will easily download these apps from google play store easily.

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