Strategies to earn money from Google

Strategies to earn money from Google

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Strategies to earn money from Google

In this article we have to learn the most used search engine named as Google. in Google we earn money from their other types or strategies.

There are many search engines before Google. Such as Bing, Yahoo, Hot-Bot, WebCrawler,,, MSNsearch, Netscape etc.

But the 1st search engine when people started to search on internet is Jump-Station. It was developed in 12 December 1993.

  • The question is why Google more popular these days?

The answer is many search engines are build before Google. But they are not more popular these days because the 10% of the people all over the world use internet. We can simply say the 70% of people more attracted on internet or explore it when the year 2001 or 2005.

Or now 2022 the 90% of the people on internet searched through Google explorer or engine.

  • Google start their journey which year?

In 1995 Menlo park, California, United States, was first established. Google start their journey as a normal search engine. But with the passage of time Google rank most used search engine all over the world.

  • The next question is pointed in mind who owned Google?

The company Alphabet Inc. owned the Google or 96.06% shareholders by retail investors or the Lawrence page have the largest individuals of Google is 19.53M represent the 0.15% of the company.


Google is the largest search engine at that time in the 21st century. We have to anything or even find everything just far from us one click.

When we can say that Google is our global life this sentence is not wrong. It is very useful search engine at that time or people search on Google every second approximately is 63000. Or every day approx. 5.6 billions search on it.

Or even every year searches counted by Google is more than 2 trillion.

That’s make a lot of money or simply we can say that one person 3 to 4 searches on a day on Google.

Also Google provide a lot of marketing income to other people who worked for Google employs engineers, technologists, mechanics and lot of departments under the Google surveillance.

Google provide the 135 thousands employ to a healthy life and a good salary package by the wealth of person skills or depend upon their work.

In the survey of 2021 or 2022 total persons worked with Google are 156,500. The average increment of employs work in Google is up to 15.67%.

Google provide many of the facilities to other normal people who didn’t work in Google Company. But they are attached with Google or many other ways. I have to tell you all the details about the Google or described you how to work with Google.

There are the following branches which you attached with them or make a lot of money as a Google server.

  • Google play store.
  • Google scholar.
  • Goggle sheets.
  • Google ads.
  • Article writing.
  • Google AdSense.

Or there are many ways to make money or attached with Google. But in this article we have to learn these six types of Google or know about its marketing strategy.

Google play store:-

Strategies to earn money from Google

In Google play store we see all the apps which we use in our Androids Mobile Phones. They all the apps are made in Android Studio. If anyone uploads the Apps which they build by themselves Google server AdMob Company if they approved your apps.

Then you start money from your single app of if they downloaded in millions you will be a millionaire. This is the simple way when you make money through your own skills in Google.

They didn’t see your degree they only see your skills and hire you to work with him or even your single app or single item ranked on Google your future must brighter.

Google Scholars:-

Google scholar works same as a Wikipedia. When you want exact information about anything you just want to go to Google scholar. Or find accurate information about your search or read the article or facts about your search.

For Example:-  

When you search your favorite football player on Google scholar you will find the exact information about them. Or you will be read more about their life their biography.

In your Google Scholar you will be read the articles or even the books. It just like your teacher your Scholar means that you’re helping book.

Google Ad’s:-

Strategies to earn money from Google

The most rated or profitable work on Google in my opinion is that a Google ad’s because. Google pay you money when you add the Google Ad’s in your profile. Or Google Adasen’s approved your site you will be able to post your Ad’s on your web. Everyone click on your ad Google pay you per click. When you sire will be ranked you will make a lot of money on it.

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Article writing:-

Strategies to earn money from Google,

The other way to earn money through article writing on Google First of all you will be able to seek how to write an article. What are the important points to your writing improved or your English skills strong the other thing then you simply writes essay just like an article.

You have to work on your language or you write an article in simple understanding words which everyone read carefully or gain more knowledge.

In article writing you will be very well know about the topic which write on it then you will be write the accurate method or complete information about it.

Google AdSense:-

Strategies to earn money from Google Google adsense

In Google AdSense we have to make money by applying Ad’s on our website which runs on Google. Or searched in Bing explorer or everywhere you will be able to make money through your website. When someone click on your ad’s Google pay it for you or even they buy through your web-link. Or URL you will have to be able commission through it.


In this article we have to know about the Google or little bit about their working.

We have to know the 2 to 3 ways which we earn money through connection Via Google server. Or host on the Google website or make money through it this is the simple way to earn money.


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