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The following- biggest city in america , Chicago hosts significantly more than 2. 6 million people. The Turbulent City attracts over a mil sports enthusiasts, food lovers, popular music buffs, and artists every week. There ‘s plenty to chouse Chicago, however it ‘s a town filled up with potential hazards.

Actually, Chicago ranks among the maximum in your community for vehicle crashes and deaths: there have been 118, 304 auto accidents in your community town of Chicago in 2018 only, and 2017, significantly more than 11, 000 accidents were brought about by semi- trucks.

Occasionally, the location of Chicago is in charge of accidents. Its overloaded streets, packed venues, substandard casing, and infrastructural issues cause a huge selection of injuries every single day. Even more often, though, individuals and companies are to blame. Unfortunately, their negligent choices cause injury and death every single day within the Windy City.

This negligence should be swiftly dealt with to safeguard the rights of the hurt. At Langdon& Emison, our attorneys dedicate their time and effort to representing clients to the most of their capability. We have been recognized as one of the nation ‘s top injury law firms, and we work relentlessly to uphold that reputation.

Damage is understood to be damage( injury) to someone ‘s physical, mental, or emotional being. Many personal injury cases derive from car incidents, but the field also includes medical malpractice, slip and fall season, and workplace accidents.

What Qualifies as a Personal Injury?

There are numerous valid situations where an injured person can pursue payment from the other person, but not totally all injuries cause legal liability.

That ‘s why it ‘s important to talk about your unique situation with an lawyer at a Chicago personal injury lawyer . Anotherlawyer will establish the following which means your case can move ahead:

Theother party( defendant) had a duty of treatment to ensure your safety and the safety of others. On a car crash case, this would be following traffic laws.

Intended for example, in a car incident case, this might be running a red light.

You suffered an damage as a direct result of the defendant ‘s actions which breached the duty of care.

IAll three of those qualifications must certanly be met in order for your very own injury claim to achieve success and that you receive the most of payment. For more information , contact an experienced personal injury lawyer at Langdon& Emison today.

Who Can be Held Responsible for my Injury?

Numerous parties could possibly be responsible( liable) in an accident circumstance. If you slipped and dropped in a store because someone cleaned and failed to put up signs, you could go after compensation from the home owner. That ‘s called premises liability, also it ‘s an important area of harm law. Other parties who might be held in charge of your injury include:

The particularat- fault driver( s)

Physician or medical facility

A health care provider or medical service

Aauthorities agency

Sometimes, liability is definitely assigned to one individual. Intended for example, someone runs a red light and hits another car. Several witnesses testify that they saw the first driver strike the other, so there ‘s no dispute over that is at problem.

Other times, liability is harder to determine. One continuous would be that the attorneys at Langdon& Emison will utilize all possible avenues to find out liability and get you the cash you will need.

Types of Personal Injury Cases We Handle in Chicago:-

Chicago Car Accidents:-

With busy traffic in the city and surrounding freeways, automobile accidents happen in Chicago each day. A good report by IDOT found that Cook County saw 162, 527 accidents in 2018 alone. Around 248 were fatal and thirty- one, 404 led to injuries, with 3, 481 of those being serious/ incapacitating injury.

Determining the reason for a car incident and what sources of payment are available is rarely easy. That ‘s why so many The state of illinois residents trust car accident attorneys in Chicago to help these groups manage their case. Langdon& Emison provides considerable experience and a winning track track record to help your family seek restoration for the maximum amount of compensation available.

Auto Defects:-

Faulty automobile parts could cause accidents which were otherwise avoidable. In other cases, the vehicle component may cause an damage to happen or be worse when it may not have in other circumstances. Our attorneys vigorously research your defect and up to date legal action taken in light from it to help you recover your losses and move towards regaining a normal life.

Consumer Product Defects:-

Many of us bring consumer products into our home thinking they will be better existence, however, many products damage or kill as a result of manifest defects. Langdon& Emison is not afraid to stand up against large corporations to help you seek the utmost compensation available for your injuries from all liable companies.

Premises Liability:-

Homeowners have an obligation of attention to get rid of hazards when possible and a duty to warn property occupants of hazards that can’t reasonably be removed. Premises responsibility cases often come down to the defendant alleging that the injury victim written for their own injuries or that the injurious circumstances were not “foreseeable”. Our attorneys are familiar with these defenses and are well prepared to assert your rights to the fullest extent of the law.

Spinal Cord & Brain Injuries:-

If the result of a can fall , an automobile impact, or any kind of other negligence- related incident, an problems for mental performance or backbone presents special circumstances. The attorney must be experienced with catastrophic injuries and capable of coordinating with as well as financial subject matter experts to accurately examine your full magnitude of damages and future health care costs.

Defective Medical Devices:-

Skilled device manufacturers face stringent rules and product safety reviews, yet many injury- ultimately causing devices find their way onto the market. Defective laxitud mesh, implants, and other medical devices can cause major accidental injuries, pain and suffering, and further treatment.

Langdon& Emison has helped clients at our Chicago personal damage lawyer for more than 30 years . We are proud to maintain our reputation as a country wide- recognized, persistent, and customer- driven law firm.

Once we period case we’re your spouse through the complete process, at Langdon& Emison, clients are given respect and receive the very best of legal representation, no matter conditions from the injury. Let many of us provide legal guidance and help you soon on the way recovery.

If you or a loved one were injured in an accident, you will likely suffer some kind of financial loss. Most injuries are unexpected, however they leave patients unable to work and with mountains of bills to pay.

You need money to restore from the injuries you experienced within an accident that was not your fault . Let an experienced Chi town personal injury attorney at Langdon& Emison represent both you and fight the insurance company or negligent party to obtain the compensation you need. We symbolize clients in the following personal injury cases:

What Makes Our Chicago Personal Injury Law Firm Different?


Langdon& Emison has earned numerous seven- figure monies for large companies. Unlike other injury lawyers, do not accept anything significantly less than large companies need. We works relentlessly to search for the evidence essential to win your case and we’ll guard you all the way.


At Langdon& Emison, we are not afraid to take a case all the way to trial if that ‘s what it takes to get our clients the compensation they should have. Wehave taken big corporations to court to hold them dependable, and that we will not bend when experienced with pressure.


A regulation firm is just as good simply because the attorneys who work there. Fortunately, at Langdon& Emison our attorneys deliver results through their expertise and legal expertise. Annually, Langdon& Emison is identified by the U. T. News and World Report as one of the country ‘s leading personal injury firms.

Our legal professionals win many awards every yr, including Lawyer of the Yr, Top Lawyer, Best Lawyer, and Super Lawyer together with the nation ‘s best and brightest.

A History of Winning Cases for Our Clients:-

Jointly, our firm has obtained over$ 750 million in trial entendement and settlements. We have helped establish the rights of shoppers and accident victims through important trial precedents.

  • $ 59 million auto defect circumstance verdict against the Toyota engine company

  • $ 26. 4 million car defect case verdict up against the Ford producer motor company

  • $ 7 million pickup truck accident case outcome against Dunaway Timber

  • $ 6 million defective product verdict against Wal- Mart

How Our Chicago Accident Injury Lawyers Can Help:-

Whenever you get injured, you might feel scared, confused, and overwhelmed. We all are here to help you make sense of your position and also to evaluate what legal strategies can help you seek the compensation you will need to retrieve.

An lawyer from Langdon& Emison is able to do the obeying duties with regards to handling your case:

Investigation– We take a look at all available evidence and frequently send experienced investigators to collect our personal. This evidence can establish pivotal for establishing negligence and documenting it in a manner that assures a jury.

Research– Just one of the largest predictors of case success is actually we’ve a great cases just like yours in court filings as well as other resources. We look deep into applicable laws and preceding rulings to help you turn up at an optimal legal strategy.

Accounting Your Damages– Most damages must not only be assessed but documented based on the standard expected by both insurance and legal proceedings. We all help you evaluate every dollar inflicted consequently of your personal injury or wrongful death incident.

Discussion– Most injury cases are handled through- of- court settlements, which requires a skilled negotiator who can also be knowledgeable of what legal maneuvers act as disincentives for defending parties to get basic litigation.

Counseling and Guidance– We work closely with personal injury victims and their families to understand their goals, inform them in their rights, and advise them each and every stage of the claims or litigation process.

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