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How We Earn Money From Affiliate Marketing

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How We Earn Money From

Affiliate Marketing

In this article we have to learn about the affiliate marketing.

The most famous question by every people how to earn money by Affiliate Marketing?

So the answer Is anyone earn money by affiliate marketing by selling the goods which other people need.

Basically we can say that the online marketing is only depends upon Supply and Demand rule.

In supply and demand rule we sell anything the demand by society, people, and all these daily life gadgets we use to make a life easier or work faster to save our time such as.

  • Electronics appliances
  • Baby items
  • Clothes
  • Digital equipment’s

ü     Introduction:-

In affiliate marketing there are 3 parties are involved there as follow.

  • Merchant
  • Affiliate network (there maybe amazon/Alibaba)
  • Affiliate

When u will be promoting the product of the merchant through a special affiliate link or anyone buy these things or items from your link you get a commission that is you make money.

We are going to be couple of things here the 1st thing is joined affiliate network and this is where u finds the best products you can sell or link to and make commission from. The 2nd step is that is you want to find a product.

A specific product that you can sell on the internet that you resonate with and that you can make money with so that’s going to be your second thing. The 3rd thing that we’re going to do is we’re going to actually go out there and sell it. Now if you’re a serious action-taker I will recommend you to learn with me or start earning by online networking. So we can searched on Google just Affiliate networks for instance we will find a bunch of results, we’ll find a ton of results and we’ll see if we just look up the top 10 affiliate networks that are not Amazon, we’ll see a ton of affiliate networks, we see

  • Click Bank
  • J V Zoo
  • Giddy up
  • Share A Sale
  • Avangate
  • But the question is how do you decide what to join?
  • Or what is the best for your online networking?
  • Or who is the most beneficial for your better performance?

All these questions are important to be noted when you get started the work on online networking.

ü     Amazon marketing:-

Now first off two great affiliate networks to join are Amazon and my other favorite is click bank or Ali-baba. So Amazon is very easy to join but now Amazon doesn’t make a lot of money. For purpose of demonstration, for example you sell a book on Amazon you will have a profit up to 10% the book cost is 20$ dollars your 10% commission is only 2 bucks that’s wasn’t a lot of money to make a millionaire or a billionaire.

ü     Click Bank:-

That’s why I really like a website called Click Bank there is a lot of affiliate networks but click bank is the most trust worthy and the oldest affiliate network around.

It’s been around 21 years its based in Boise, Idaho and this is the network that I made my first commission on, many people have made their first commission on and it’s also been the affiliate network that I currently make most of my money with now, if we click here, Affiliate market place, right there, that you can sell on a commission-only basis. Go to the search ion and see the lots of products we can find or sell by our commission base now you’ll see there are over 4500 products in the market place so this is lot of options what do you want to sell or make a lot of money.

Again we can talk about Amazon. Amazon is the best e-commerce website to earn money Amazon driving is more than 2.5 billion visitors per month that’s why only targeted in the US market now that time the online market grow day by day with the help of many beginners In this work or make money on their own.

ü     Commission Base:-

In commission base you only sell the other product just you take your percentage which given by or decided by you and your merchant just a simple or most easy way to make your own money by the help of online marketing.

Whenever you decided the each product by the percentage (%) 5 or 10 ratio you will make a per month 500 to 1000$ but one thing remember that is only make money when u are a large number of market or you know how to sell your product in market or sell your goods with their benefits or usage.

ü     Your own product:-

When you have your own product the main thing is to grow the business or most important thing to find the affiliates to buy the item or a gadget to other ordinary people or you have to settle the amount of money you use in your difficult situation.

ü     Set your niche:-

You earn money by online marketing all over the world I know many more people they started 0 to but now they are heroes for the work they started to their set niche they don’t need any website, no advertisement, or you start make money online to no need of your previous experience.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is being paid a flat commission whenever you influence a sale on some website.

So you make affiliate marketing niches that are actually hot and produce amazing results especially at this moment niche.


ü     Lifestyle niche:-

This is everything related to your travel, luxury, jewelry and fashion.

In this niche you decided to sell this kind of stuff like clothes, shoes, accessories (that you wear with your dress), in luxury your expensive watches and many more.

ü     Finance niche:-

In the finance niche is everything related to stock market and investing the money in dollar or invest in all kind of your positive way to earn money or grow your business.

ü     Tech niche:-

In tech niche this is everything related to web hosting and software. In software we will rank software such as crack of files like an adobe Photoshop.

ü     Cooking niche:-

In cooking niche everything is related to cooking or food to supply the fruits and vegetables to door to door or make money grow your business.


To pick the right affiliate offer and in order to pick the right offer you can either choose some affiliate networks some affiliate marketplace like Click-Bank or you just go to Google searched for your niche plus just add affiliate products program keyword but you decide to promote the fact niche and you want to promote the some software as a service then you can go to Partner sack.

ü     Conclusion:-

In this article I have to tell you about the Amazon ratio, Amazon earning, Amazon working process, Amazon or click-bank ratio which mean to say that or tell you these things the basic purpose in hidden to demonstrate the features you can run or you are able to make money online by reading the complete article. So if u like the information about affiliate marketing then join our website for such amazing articles so I hope you learn a lot of things by our little help for you! Thank you.

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