GDP to USD:-

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GDP to USD:-


In This article we have to learn about the GDP or (gross domestic product). This gross domestic product is basically the total amount of the country served in a single year.

Approx. 200 countries in all over the world they have their own GDP with the money they use in a single year.

In past 500 years to 1000 years ago people spend their lives in camps or even tent them all the people from tribes they work harder and compete to other tribes to grow their income.

Then they religions tribes mean Muslims, Christine’s, Mongols or other religious countries have to compete their GDP or become a super-power at that time.

So tell you the previous history basically mean to that to show you the GDP system not know it’s already important to improve the currency of any one of the country in world.

That’s why they are known as developed countries such as United States of America, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, or any of else country.


Basically we can say that GDP is the average amount per year in a country. For example when you have a bakery in your city suppose A firstly you open the one branch with the passage of time your business increased day by day or your bakery branches also increased.

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So you have to decided to open a same bakery branch in other city of your country suppose city B then this city total amount transfer per month to the owner  of a chain of bakery in city A.


 Its means to say money transfer one place to another or one country to another is called its GDP.

Now at that time all over the world most rated GDP in the USA because they have many more companies such as Microsoft, Apple, and Google.

I have to rated the most GDP countries in all over the world.

  • USA(united states of America)
  • China
  • Japan
  • Germany

United states of America:-

In United States the most powerful or higher GDP growth companies work together such as Microsoft, Apple, company or Google work with YouTube basically Google work on Google-AdSense all these countries make lot of money in the higher currency all over the world USD dollar.

The most powerful currency at that time because it is used to when we calculate any other currency equals to other we use the ratio is USD dollar the reason is because America is the super power of that time that’s why we use this ratio in world.

You have to idea this survey that the mobile company Apple is the world largest or luxurious mobile manufacturer at that time.

Apple company worth are equal to the 150 countries all over the world so you have to measure the larger amount of apple company shares in USD dollar increased American GDP noted that we only discussed the Apple mobile market all over the world not Microsoft or others.

These all the famous or heavy companies work with 40% or 60% margin ratio everyone knows that the Google is the most powerful search engine at that time Google have YouTube the YouTube income cut out the country they traffic up to 40% or 60% own YouTube itself.

All the famous brands like Gucci, Puma, Adidas, Lee-Cooper, and many more included all they product are set by margin rate just like that.


China has the 2nd ranked in the most rated GDP all over the world because we are also use Chinese products such as Lenovo mobile, HUAWEI, Oppo, Vivo and many more companies sell their mobiles or many products or merge their money transfer to their country that’s the money called this country GDP.

Chinese ranked in all over the world by USA because USA collects most of the 60% collection by their products.

The other reason is that china master to copy all the products even china copy their products as well which is made in china or  government custody.


Japan ranked in the 3rd most GDP in the entire world because these countries we discussed in 2018-2022 they ranked their numbers or even their status.

So Japanese cars are used the most of countries or like it more and its value increased day by day.


Germany ranked up to the 4th most GDP ranked all over world because this country also have to run their officials or their business to other  countries every year by the worth of billions of dollar so we not ignored this country by the wealth of their own companies.

Germany own the Audi, Mercedes, have the  most powerful cars companies these cars are sell all over the world up to 1.5 lac dollar to 3 lac dollar they have to support their country to make a forth most

Power-full GDP.


GDP raised in the year 1970 to 2020 by different countries are more economical by per capita income.

We can see that in 2010 to 2020 the United States of America lead the GDP graph all over the world because they are developed people or this country is developed.

Let we talk about some Asian countries some of these are under development or some of these are developed countries they run their stoke market or even they have the highest GDP such as Israel, Japan, china etc.

But the some countries are under development such as Pakistan, India, and Afghanistan etc.

We will talk about Pakistan the population in Pakistan is just 20 to 21.5 million in the survey of 2020 by the Pakistan government or in 2022 survey based on interpolation of the latest united nations data is collected 22.9 million.

We talk about the increment in USD dollar in developed countries:-

When Pakistan are called an independent country or PAKINDO distribution in 1947 Pakistani 3.31 rupee equal to 1 USD dollar or even in the year of 2010 Pakistani rupee equals to 85.98 by the replacement of 1 USD dollar at least the increases the value of dollar or decreases the value of rupee in 2022 Pakistani rupee is equals up to 240 by the replacement of 1 USD dollar.

When India are free from INDOPAK system his currency is 4.16 rupee by the replacement of 1 USD dollar at that time in 2022 the if Indian rupee is 79.37 then the 1 USD dollar.


In this article we have to talk about the relevant detailed by the increment of GDP or how GDP increased or decreased also we have checked the developing countries USD growth or developed countries USD growth or we will survey the outer side of the most power full currency in all over the world at that time. So I hope you will learn a lot from our article if you learn more then visit our website to read more articles.

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