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The Digital Hall Pass For The Future:-

Some cloud- based contactless digital hall pass system that features social distancing tools and contains features that help limit mischief, meetups, vaping, vandalism, plus much more .

  • Allstudent data sent to Eduspire Solutions by clients is owned by and definitely will

  • remain the house of and beneath the control over the institution.

  • Userdata is not shared with anyone aside from our employees.

  • User data is just used for tutorial and administrative purposes, never

  • for advertising purposes, and will not be released to any other 3rd parties

  • without client agreement.

  • All user data is entirely encrypted both in transit and at rest.

e-Hall Pass Notification and Information:-

Our biggest priority at Lake Braddock is the protection of most of our students, including knowing where students have been in circumstance of emergencies. This school season has presented us with new challenges and we have seen a need to reexamine some of our practices. Lake Braddock, along with many schools across FCPS, will be implementing elizabeth- Hallpass for 2022- 2023 school year.

eHallpass can be an online platform that allows Lake Braddock staff to issue hall passes to students anytime they need to leave a classroom. This new software helps us to manage how many students are in the hallways during the school day, helps us keep students in the classroom during essential instructions, and creates a safe natural environment for our students.

Pupils can access elizabeth- Hallpass through their university- issued device using any browser. Students may obtain a pass to leave the classroom or request an session with a staff member( counselor, administrator, clinic team, etc.). Staff have the ability to automatically approve the passes quickly with limited influence around the instruction in the classroom. In case a scholar is leaving the sack and heading back to the exact same location they are going to carry one of our own hall pass lanyards while moving away from their device in the institution room, for other passes they’ll carry their device using them.

Students will have two lounge passes per day for their personal use but can obtain additional passes from their professors in the necessity arises. When students are out of the classroom, the pass system watches the time they are gone so that teachers can concentrate on the remaining students in their classroom.

What personal information does e-Hallpass use in the application?

Electronic- Hallpass uses student first and last names, grade, scholar profile picture and FCPS Yahoo emails( as a result of sign within Google). Data on college student hall pass utilization is stored on the short- term most basic and e- Hallpass have committed to never implementing particular advertising tracking platforms. E- Hallpass has also signed an information Protection Agreement( DPA) to cover the school ‘s FERPA task as the data stored about students on this site fulfills the FERPA definition for Personal Information( PII).

How does a digital hall pass system enhance security?

Looking for hall pass system allows a school to know exactly how many students happen to be in the hall at any time and identifies each student on the pass. Whether in a real emergency or a practice routine situation, this information provides for increased awareness and security through the complete school campus.

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