Best Cars in the World

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Best Cars in the World

A vehicle which is powered by Engine and has four wheels is the Car. Firstly the vehicle was used for some work, but in the modern age, the cars have been so expensive and stylish. In this article we will discuss about Expense, the style and the comfort about the cars .So let’s get in.

we are discussed in this article the world best cars or what it worth?

Invention of Car

The Car was firstly invented by Carl Benz in 1886, there is myth about the car invention that Henry Ford invented that is totally wrong. He just modifies an industry for creation of large numbers of cars.

In this list, the first and best car is


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Lamborghini’s founder is Ferruccio Lamborghini.  He invented the Lamborghini in 1963.


Volkswagen Group this group owns the Lamborghini all over the world and one interesting fact about Volkswagen group is that they are also owner of Audi.

Remarkable Record:

Lamborghini made up the record by selling more than 8000+ luxury Lamborghini cars all over the world.

Worth of a Lamborghini Car:

200,000$ to 500,000$ per car.

Most Expensive Model:

Lamborghini is the Fourth most expensive car in the world with this luxury Lamborghini Veneno Roadster costs more than 4 million $.

Speed of Lamborghini:

The Speed of Lamborghini is 220+ mph. It is the one of the fastest car in the world. For knowledge Hennessey Venom GT is the fastest car in the world which is about more than 270mph.

Net Worth of The Lamborghini Company

 It is near the 300 Million Dollars net worth of the Lamborghini Company.

Bugatti Founder:

Bugatti was firstly made by Ettori Bugati in 1909.


  There are two main Admin of the Bugatti Company which are following.

·      Volkswagen Group

·      Rimac Automobili

Remarkable Record:

Bugatti has record by reaching at the speed of 431.072Km/h, so this got the fastest car record in the world.

Cost of a Bugatti:

 The cost of one Bugatti is in range of 2M$ to 4M$.

Most Expensive Bugatti:

Bugatti La Voiture Noire is the most expensive Bugatti which is about 13.5 Million Dollars and it’s the most costing car in the world also.


Bugatti is the speed star with range of 304.773mph. If we talk about the KMs so it’s about four hundred fourteen kilometers per hour.

Net Worth of the Bugatti Company:

The net worth of the Bugatti Company is about 1 Hundred and twenty three Billion Dollars.

Rolls Royce Founder:, cars,

 Rolls Royce was firstly made by Henry Royce in 1904.


BMW (Bayerische-Motoren-Werke-AG) are the real owners of the company. They are producing and selling the Rolls Royce all over the world.

Special Facts about the Rolls Royce:

There is special fact about the rolls Royce is that “Rolls Royce is the most Luxurious car in the world” and another one good fact about the Rolls Royce is Bullet Proof Technology.

Worth of a Rolls Royce:

 The cost of one Rolls Royce is in range of Five Million$ to Six Million $.

Most Expensive Rolls Royce:

Boat Tail the Rolls Royce project is the most expensive car in the world with price of 28M$.According to some sites , Bugatti is the most expensive car ever but Rolls Royce got the position over the Bugatti by a lot of difference between price.

Net Worth of Rolls Royce Company:

There is about the 2 billion Dollars of the Rolls Royce Company over the world.

 Tesla Founder:

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There are five founders of the Tesla Company found over the Google which are following

  • Elon Musk
  • Martin Eberhard
  • JB Straubel
  • Marc Tarpenning
  • Ian Wright


There is only one of the one owner is the Elon Musk of the Tesla Company.

Facts about the Tesla:

Tesla is Popular as the Nikola Tesla. Nikola Tesla was one of the best Scientist of all time. He invented the Alternative Current which was huge achievement for the world.

Worth of a Tesla Car:

Tesla is an Electronic Car which is in the range of 48000$ to 100,000$ +. This price is about the new model of 2k22.

Most Expensive Tesla Car:

Tesla Model X Plaid is the best model of the Tesla and also the most expensive car of the Tesla Company which is about 2 Million dollars.

Net Worth of the Tesla Car Company:

The net worth of the Nikola Tesla Company is about more than 700 Billion dollars. In my personal view Tesla is the most successful company of cars in the world.

Ford GT:-


Designers of Ford:

Camillo Pardo designed the Ford GT with help of two persons, the first one is J Mays and second one is Shelby. In real there were two Car brands which mixed in making of one high quality Car which is known as Ford GT Supercar.

Owner of Ford GT:

American automobile manufacturer Ford Company is the real owner of Ford.

Special Facts about the Ford GT:

The most special thing about the Ford GT is the Carbon Fiber body and its 600+ Horsepower.

Worth of a Ford GT car:

The cost one Ford GT car is more than three million dollars. This is price of new model of Ford GT which is a supercar.

Most Expensive Car of Ford GT:

The Most expensive Ford car is the Ford Gt car which is about more than four Million dollars in the industry. It can be more than that because this price is different on different sites.

Net worth of the Ford GT Company

It is about the 250 Billion dollars, which is hilarious .This is a real success for the company.


I hope you enjoyed the article. All data was personally mentioned so, please don’t offend on that. You can tell us yours favorite in the comments. These comparisons were based on the Popularity and Styles of the cars in this modern era. Really thanks for reading.

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